Hakuna Matata


Zanzibar, a perfect escape from the bustling streets of Cairo.

A group of my favorite people and I set out to explore Stone Town’s white sandy beaches. A serene terrain lined with coconut trees and gentle waves hugging the shoreline.

The people are as dazzling as the crystal clear waters. Care free, singing ‘Hakuna Matata,’ I was transported to my four-year-old self dancing along the anthem of Lion King. Soaking this vibrance up, it’s hard not to think that happier people live by the sea.

We took a short journey to Prison Island, home to around one hundred giant Aldabra tortoises. We met this majestic fella roaming peacefully and couldn’t help but fall in love!

It was a bumpy ride back to Stone Town, but this only seemed to encourage more singing, and who are we to stop that?  Worry-free, we sang along the catchy beat of Jambo Bwana, occasionally joining in dance.

And of course, along the journey I never forget to collect my little trinkets to preserve our wonderful memories and pass them on.

Written by: Salma Madwar

Our recommendations:

  • Where we stayed: Tembo Hotel Stone Town, Kendwa Rocks Resort
  • The Rock Restaurant: Order The Rock Special.




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