ZM Collections is a craft where art meets design. Inspired by our exploration of land, sea, and people; our unique pieces amplify the beauty of all things in their rawest form. Driven by curiosity, ZM Collections is more than just a brand, it's a way of being.
We find beauty in the little things and elegance in imperfection.

Zeina Madwar is the creative inspiration behind the designs at ZM Collections. Zeina holds a Fine Arts degree from École Parsons à Paris and has worked with multiple mediums over the years including photography, sculpture, painting, and video installation. She is internationally renowned having participated in several collective art exhibitions. For her, it was a challenging hike to see the waterfalls in the Cascades d’Akchour in Morocco that sparked the business idea. Once she and her partner reached the top and marveled at the magnificent surroundings, Madwar wondered how she can capture this exceptional moment and this is when the idea for her jewelry brand was born.
Each hand-crafted piece is one of a kind and encourages you to grow your own bohemian collection as you travel around the world. Think of these pieces as sparkles of wanderlust.
I am curious about our collective definition of beauty and passionate about challenging it. I like to focus my creative energy on my jewelry brand, ZM Collections, and styling in the fashion industry, where I am exposed to an array of textures, colors, and materials. These spaces give me the freedom to play, redefine, manipulate, and ultimately exist the way I intend to. ”- Zeina