A Tribute

A Tribute directed by Hana El Sadek Featuring ZM Collections.

The film, titled A Tribute is an artistic expression of movement, love, feelings and existence. The film’s poetic flow questions human dualities, contrasts and polarities. The story line is told by two female dancers and It features our timeless pieces.


A Tribute was created by storytellers from all around the world brought together in the city of Sharjah, UAE.

The exhibition took place on Thursday March 16 in Dubai at Paus; Cafe, it had a  display photographs of a tribute together with a selection of ZM jewelry that take you through a visual journey of the film. A Tribute captured the beauty of human interactions in the absence of inhibitions. The exhibition demonstrated an installation of ink on the fabric of a poem written by Hana El Sadek and a sculpture of plaster and fabric by Zeina Madwar, both amplifying the experience and heightening the film's impact on the audience. 

About the Artists:

Hana El Sadek: (Director of Tribute)

Hana El Sadek is a multi disciplinary artist and a filmmaker. She was born into a family of artists in Cairo, Egypt. Her visual style and lyrical stories has its unique persona, and she is known for her ability to create captivating and emotionally resonant films. Dance has always been a great passion of Hana’s and A tribute is one of her most personal projects completed during her pregnancy. The film explores love, feels and existence through a poetic flow that questions dualities, contrast and polarities.

Zeina Madwar : (Founder of ZM Collections)

Zeina is a Visual Artist, Stylist, and Founder of the Egyptian-born and Dubai-based Jewelry brand, ZM Collections. Her innovative use of multiple mediums, such as sculpture and painting showcases her distinct artistic flair. With her extensive background in styling, Zeina brings a unique perspective to her artistic creations, delivering pieces that seamlessly blend beauty with functionality. Her distinctive approach to art creates stunning, wearable pieces.

Written and directed by: Hana El Sadek Featuring: ZM Collections Sara Tosic & Alesia Nest Producer: Hana El Sadek Co-producer: Zeina Madwar Cinematography: Daniel Tudano Steadicam Operator: Christopher Kechichian Editor: Neda Zag Colorist: Nic Apostoli Music Composer: Hassan El Sadek Gaffer: Sharief Muhammad Production Manager: Tamara Ghrawi Assistant Director: Mishal Hindash Wardrobe Stylist: Zeina Madwar Makeup Artist: Nathalie Tufekijan

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