Our understanding of beauty is based on a world of norms, labels, and taboos. 

We’ve built rigid structures of ‘beauty’ that are incomplete and limiting. 

But what if we broke the mold we’re forced into and relearn what it is to be beautiful.

To me, beauty is fluid, it's genderless, it’s anything you want it to be.

Beauty is vast.

It shines through the imperfections.



Beauty reminds me of the Japanese art form Kintsugi (金継ぎ) which literally translate to ‘golden repair.’ The philosophy behind Kintsugi is to value an object’s innate beauty and celebrate it’s imperfections. Kintsugi artists will repair broken pottery with gold, drawing attention to and honoring the cracks, the rebirth. 


In our new genderless line, Unravel, we explore the fluidity of objects; and bring you these unisex pieces made to amplify your beauty.
Written by: Salma Madwar
Photography: Hana El Sadek
Models: Levi & Melody

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