A Dual Reality - Revival

I am struck
By the people, creatures, and things,
That peacefully coexist in their dual realities.
I am equally struck by the paradox that is our universe.
When feeling confined I long to break free.
And when freedom overwhelms,
I seek the stability of confinement.
And so, I am sat here,
Wondering of the varieties of myself that exist
In a parallel universe
Wondering of the objects I shape,
And the ones that help shape me.
I ask myself, how can it be?
That beauty is seldom perceived
Without experiencing the rough.
We can only show strength
By being fragile,
And while we are seemingly inviting,
We don’t shy away from being tough.
You cannot have one without the other.
Duality shapes us,
Firm and agile, We are two sides of the same coin. 
Written by: Salma Madwar 



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