Often going unnoticed are the beautiful shadows we embody. The ones we make ourselves when we twist and extend, stay still or flow, we inhabit a space beyond the physical. A dual reality.

I explored the duality I see in our environment, within me and my muse, the undersea. The very process became the centrepiece of my new line, Revival.


Fascinated by the edge and delicacy of corals, its seemingly contradicting nature, I started playing around with the shadows it could occupy. The duality of corals resembled the duality I see in humans. We have shadows that make up one body. And personality traits that make up one character.


I started to wonder about the varieties of myself that exist in different situations; a parallel universe, even. I turned these corals into symbols, a reminder, that we can be different configurations of a single truth.


Written by : Salma Madwar
Photographed by: Hana El Sadek

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